7 Clever Ways to Discover Opportunities

Photo Credit: Eli DeFaria on Unsplash
Article by: Jon Erives at Grand Archive Photography

A hot pursuit of our personal ambitions is essential for success, but I’m going to suggest plugging in one more element. I’ve compiled a list of 7 ways in which you may find hidden gems that could help you get closer to achieving your goals. Here we go!

It all falls under the umbrella of awareness. Be aware of your environment because the opportunity you’ve been searching for may already be in front of you.

Tap into your sense of awareness, then go a little farther. Determine if you’re book smart, street smart or a fusion of both, then own it. If you like ninjas, think of yourself as a ninja! Who wouldn’t want to be a ninja? I call this heightened sense of awareness, “stealth mode.” While everyone’s busy doing what they do, I turn my attention to finding the pieces that will complete my puzzle.

  1. If you have a Goal, DECLARE IT!

In college, you have to declare a major. They give you a degree based on what you declared. This also applies to other parts of life. If you want a promotion, let it be known! Tell your boss, tell your coworkers – tell everyone. Putting it out into the universe is a good thing. You’ll attract more of what you’re searching for.

  1. Conversations

When you engage in one, listen up. During your dialogue with people, truly listen to their stories. You may find hidden gems that could help you. This doesn’t mean to listen with the intent of taking advantage of them. Just be kind and you courteous. You may be surprised by what you can learn from people.

  1. Pay Attention to what’s going on in your City or Town

Don’t just drive around and waste gas. Take a look around. Learn about what your community is excited about, or what they’re complaining  about. Is there an expansion going on? Is a particular neighborhood under-served in your category?

  1. Start Preparing

Whether your work involves things that are tangible or not, start keeping an eye out for the tools of your trade. Don’t hoard useless crap. Use your own good judgement. You’ll know what will come in handy when you’re ready for business.

  1. Your  Network and Resources

You have to grow your network. If you’re an introvert, this one could prove challenging, but you’ve got to work that out. I will write a future post about how I personally overcome this. When you’re standing in line to get a cup of coffee, initiate conversation with the person/people around you. Find out what they do. Ask where they work. Ask what other alternatives there are for coffee around the neighborhood. Find things in common and exchange business cards. If you don’t have business cards, then make sure you’ve got a LinkedIn Profile and exchange that. Also, don’t be too proud to accept help if you need it.

  1. Dress the Part

I’m not a fan of ripping up your individuality. You can use your own judgment here. If you’re a badass tattoo artist who likes to dress in a suit, more power to you. Just make sure you work that out when you finally reach your goals. If your goal is owning a business or entrepreneurship, try to see things from the client’s perspective. Think about what your clients are expecting, and then step it up a few notches for them. Dressing up goes a long way. It will make them feel proud to introduce you to their family and friends if you look professional. It’s another way of having their back. You’d be surprised how far looking the part can get you.

  1. Enjoy Your Journey

Being aware of your environment and searching for the missing pieces to your puzzle doesn’t mean you must lose soul. With some practice, you may find that it becomes second nature. Goals shouldn’t end anyway. They keep us on our toes. They keep us alert and fresh. So be kind, have fun and enjoy the journey.

Finally, our minds can become accustomed to the search. We’ve all heard about the salesman who kept right on selling. Even when the potential buyer was ready to buy, the seller kept talking. All he had to do was extend his hand and close the deal, but he kept on talking and eventually lost the sale completely. Don’t be that person. The same way your big window of opportunity can close, that small puzzle piece you’re looking at right now can also disappear. So, pick it up and put it in your pocket as soon as you see it. 

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