10 Reasons to Rethink Post-Processing

Photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash
Article: by Jon Erives at Grand Archive Photography

I love post-processing/photo editing!

I’ve heard terms like tedious and boring. I’ve even heard it from some of my colleagues in the industry. For many, photo editing is optional. For others, not so much. This is brain food from a photographer’s perspective. The principles are applicable to a variety of industries.

Here’s a list of 10 reasons to rethink post-processing. They each have made me appreciate our craft even more. Here we go!

  1. It’s Therapeutic

The same way I need to live as healthy as possible, so does my business. Why not let us complement each other? When I work on a large collection of photographs, the time is only about the quality of my art. My customers unserstand that they’ve hired an artist, and that I will dictate the details of the post-processing. If music, a peaceful environment or a crowd help you to be more productive, then do yourself a favor and make the adjustments. Your photos will turn out better, and your mind, body and soul will thank you.

  1. It’s Faster than You Think

You’ll be amazed by how quickly (after some practice) you can edit 1000 images. If you’ve done the work on the field in terms of composition and lighting, your editing should go smoothly unless you’re incorporating a lot of artistic effects.

  1. You can Serve your Customers Better

If a customer tells me that they’d like to see more black and white photos in their collection, I’m now armed with exclusive intel directly from the client. Listen to them. Meeting and exceeding their expectations will make you a better business person and a better photographer.

  1. Learning the Hard Way

You thought that photo was perfect? It’s happened to me. Everything looked great out in the field, but a closer look and you have three people on your image with bright red demon eyes. Make a small tweak, and that photo’s exactly what you thought it was!

  1. Discover your Signature Style

After shooting several weddings and commercial projects I began to notice a trend in my work. My photos were colorful, and bright. I had a few black and white photographs and some artistic elements lightly incorporated throughout my client’s collections. This has become part of my signature style. Can I work in different styles? Sure, but this my style – there may be others similar but this one is mine!

  1. Vantage Point

You get to see exactly what your client will see. The value in this is crystal clear.

  1. It Keeps You Motivated

The sense of accomplishment is associated with getting things done. Working vigorously with passion, and getting in a zone is a sign that you’re doing just that. Methodically completing the post processing a collection of 1000 photographs is a big deal and you should celebrate this win. I will be writing an article about celebrating small wins.

  1. You will Develop into a More Effective Leader

Talk about what you do (and not only in terms of post-processing by the way). Make sure the people in your life (friends, family, colleagues, employees, etc.) are aware of the importance of this special time you dedicate to post-processing. I put it on my calendar. The fact that you’re getting things done will increase your stock value. Imagine executing tasks on a regular basis and having the goods to show for it time, and time again. You’ll gain more respect and may inspire others along the way.

  1. You can Work Remotely

I know, I touched up on this in Number 1, but let’s dig deeper. I work mainly from my office, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change of scenery. Be creative. Many people who work remotely will sit in coffee shops. While this is nice sometimes and I’ve done it myself, there are other places to go. Consider a large hotel lobby. Many have an incredible amount of foot traffic where you can sink into the background noise. Sometimes I sit with a good friend and enjoy a drink at a nice bar lounge in downtown Houston. Also, you never know who you might meet. Find your nook, and own it!

  1. Try to Enjoy it Because it won’t last forever. 

The images we capture are frozen in time. Just like the body of work from a painter or a musician, our work will be around for years after we’re gone. So, develop your style, make as many images as you can in your very own way. Practice the craft you fell in love with.

With all of this considered, as my business grows, it may be necessary in the future to consider additional alternatives for post-processing. Even with a dedicated post-processing team in place, we can only delegate such an important task to people who are incredibly skilled, have passion and an artistic vision. Rethink the way you view post-processing. Use the time to improve your skills, and to appreciate your own body of work.

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